Employee retention is difficult in a number of fields and trucking is no exception. Many smaller trucking companies have a turnover rate above 80%, and this number increases with larger businesses that hire more truck drivers, peaking with a historic streak of over 100% in 2015. This is certainly problematic, as high turnover is usually indicative of serious problems in any industry and it tends to cost businesses more than having a stable roster of employees over time. There are a number of complex factors working together that have caused this problem, but most are related to the lack of opportunity,…
Wednesday, November 04 2020 16:28

November Driver Spotlight - Phillip Culpepper

Meet Phillip Culpepper- Bancroft and Sons' November Driver Spotlight.
Do you have a healthy routine in place? If you're wanting to make positive changes in your life, it's a good idea to take a look at your everyday routine. You can make your life better by developing good habits and making smart choice. This can help you feel better each day and it improve both your personal and your professional life. Ready to make some changes so that you feel great and live a life you love? Check out some of our top suggestions for developing healthy routines:
Tuesday, September 01 2020 09:38

Treating Depression

Millions of Americans experience major depression each year. If you're one of them, please talk to someone about your experiences. Depression is one of the most easily treatable of all mental health disorders. The large majority of people who seek treatment for depression achieve positive results. Depression is a serious illness, and you should always talk to a trained medical professional before making decisions about how you treat it.
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