Tuesday, October 08 2013 00:00

Pass or Stop? - Weighing Stations

Most states collect taxes based on the weight ­of transported goods. Truck weigh stations are­ used for these ta­x purposes as well as to monitor the weight of a truck to ensure that it falls within the safety guidelines that each state has in place for its road system.  Whether or not you need to stop at a weigh station is going to depend on the laws of the state you are passing through.  As you map your route, check the laws of the states to make sure you comply with their rules.
Tuesday, October 08 2013 00:00

Safety Tips for Bad Weather Driving

During our years as professional drivers,we've driven through all types of bad weather and learned a lot about staying safe. We’d like to share some of our tips to help you stay safe. You may have heard many of these tips before, but when it comes to safety, a few reminders can't hurt. 
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