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Bancroft and Sons Transportation, LLC is a Federal Motor Carrier providing service from coast to coast in the United States. Family owned and operated since 1969, Bancroft and Sons continues to grow and prosper each year. Started in 1969 with only one truck, Bancroft and Sons has grown to a fleet of 175+ late model trucks and over 300 employees. Bancroft and Sons is always looking to add great CDL drivers to their growing family. If you are interested in a great OTR truck driving job with set schedules so you know when you will be home, this is the place for you. Potential drivers must be willing to team, have at least 2 years OTR experience and a clean MVR. If this sounds like an opportunity you would be suited for then please fill out a drivers application and we will contact you about our open positions. Come work with the best trucking company in the Dallas, Fort Worth & Arlington, TX area!

At Bancroft and Sons, we pride ourselves on focusing on the essential task of mail hauling through CDL driver & team driving jobs and positions. Looking to work for a great trucking company that provides excellent benefits and a great work atmosphere? Bancroft and Sons offers OTR Truck Driving Jobs in the Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington TX areas. If you are interested in joining the Bancroft and Sons family, apply today and start your dream CDL driving job!

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We Started Small in


In 1969, Bancroft and Sons Transportation Opens.

Bancroft and Sons Transportation started small in 1969 but today, has grown to become a 48-state Common and Contract Carrier, and Broker, transporting tractor trailer loads of U.S. Mail coast to coast. The story began in 1968 when Charles Curtis Bancroft Sr. worked as a freight agent for Zan Top Airlines at the Naval Air Station in Dallas, Texas that shipped freight for the G.S.A. (General Services Administration) depot in Fort Worth. Through business dealings with the depots transportation officer, Charles learned of the need for local cartage trucking service in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

An idea Comes to Fruition.


In 1968, First Contract.

Charles was the successful bidder on a year-long contract for hauling freight to all government and military installations in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Without having the required authority and insurances, Charles made a business decision to partner with Orville Jackson, owner of Jackson Transfer and Cartage for a limited one-year partnership. The following year in 1969, Charles went it alone and formed Bancroft & Sons Transportation continuing his pursuit of more G.S.A. contracts.

That same year (1968) First Location.

That same year, Charles and his wife, Lena, rented a Good Luck Oil service station at 2414 E. Main Street in Grand Prairie to park their first trucks while contracting with the G.S.A. Charles drove a tractor-trailer making deliveries to military and government installations throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, while Lena answered the 24-hour phone and ran the office while raising their four boys, Charles Jr., Howard, Billy, and John David J.D.



In 1973, Bancroft Becomes U.S. Mail Carrier.

Just four years after becoming independent, Charles was successful in bidding on his first U.S. Mail contract and was awarded the Dallas-Wichita Falls mail route. Little did he know at that time that many years later he would be among the southwest areas prime Postal Contractors!


In 1980, First Warehouse.

During the early years of trucking deregulation and with the introduction of EX part 07, which granted authority to move government freight within the state of Texas by railroad, Charles expanded his operations. He rented his first warehouse at 817 S. Great Southwest Parkway in Grand Prairie and began consolidating and staging G.S.A. less than truckload freight. At first, he focused on moving loads of freight by rail to San Antonio, but later moved on into New Orleans and Warner Robins, Georgia.



In 1982, Second U.S. Mail Contract Signed.

Charles moved the business to 1609 109th Street, acquired his second U.S. Mail contract and was awarded the Dallas-Lake Charles, Louisiana route. 1984 brought the successful bidding on his third U.S. Mail route from Dallas to Albuquerque, New Mexico. He received his 48 State Common Carrier Authority in 1986, allowing him to transport General Commodities Freight by tractor trailer all over the United States. By 1989, Charles had over 30 trucks hauling his three U.S. Mail contracts and his consolidated G.S.A. freight to over nine different states. It was also at this point that all four sons were active in the business and Bancroft and Sons Transportation had truly become a family business.


In 1995, New Location!

After some time searching for the best location Charles Sr. bought 15 acres of land on the north side of Grand Prairie to fulfill his dream to one day build his own terminal and have a place that his business can call home forever.

New Century, 30 + Years in Business!


In 2001, Focus Begins for U.S. Mail Contracts Only.

The company gave up its G.S.A. business and dedicated itself to hauling brokered freight and U.S. Mail and by 2001 the company had nearly 80 trucks with 75% of those mostly hauling general commercial freight. But by years end, due to the terrorist attacks on 9/11 at the New York Twin Towers and the Pentagon, the U.S. Postal Service stopped flying most of the mail by air due to the increase of security and decided to use dedicated truck carriers to haul the mail normally put on planes. Bancroft and Sons was lucky enough to win several of the contracts the USPS put up for bid and converted their entire fleet from running commercial freight to hualing U.S. Mail within just a matter of weeks. By 2007, the company had more than 130 trucks hauling U.S. Mail and Mail equipment across the United States.

New Decade


Continued Expansion.

Even with a sagging economy during the last several years Bancroft and Sons continues to grow and prosper each year. As of early 2014 Bancroft and Sons has a fleet of 200+ trucks and over 400 employees. With great leadership from Charles Bancroft Sr. and continued family envolvement and support the company has a solid foundation for continued growth into the future.

Celebrating 50 Years!


Celebrating 50 Years

Bancroft and Sons is celebrating 50 years of service! Come join us for the next 50!