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Avoid Back Pain While Driving | Bancroft & Sons

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Bancroft & Sons Blog—How to Avoid Back Pain While Driving



          Truck drivers drive more than just about anyone, and with that comes back pain & discomfort. Common complaints from truck drivers include:


  •            Dull pain throughout the entire back.
  •                Soreness in the upper back & neck.
  •                Sharp pains while sitting.


We’ve put together a list of helpful tips & exercises to keep you feeling good, so you can perform your best!



  • Don’t sit with items in your pockets.

Sitting on your wallet, keys or other items can cause back pain due to sitting on an uneven surface. Find a safe place for your personal items before you start driving.

  • Take breaks to move around

It’s important to get up and move around every couple of hours. Pull over to stretch, or do some yoga to alleviate your back pain!

  • Eat healthy foods!

Maintaining a healthy diet makes you feel good and can help maintain a healthy weight range! Keeping excess weight off will easy back pain & prevent further discomfort.

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