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The Rise of the Trucker

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Do you know someone who is a professional truck driver? It extremely likely you do; truck driving is currently America’s most common job, according to a recent study by National Public Radio. According to the study, truck driving has been so successful in America because it is impossible to automate or outsource! Even better, the industry is expected to grow in the coming years. Check out the following map, which shows the most popular career in each state.


Bancroft and Sons is always looking for dependable, licensed team and solo truck drivers! We offer competitive truck driver salaries with great benefits. Check out our current perks here. Our drivers only drive state-of-the-art, fuel efficient trucks with the most advanced technologies available.


Additionally, Bancroft and Sons’ drivers have dedicated routes and consistent home time, allowing you to have a personal life and a satisfying career at the same time. As a trucking company that treats their solo and team drivers with respect, Bancroft and Sons is you name for CDL driver jobs and transportation jobs.


Apply online with Bancroft and Sons today to get your career started in this reliable and growing industry! Apply here, or call 972-790-3777 for more information!

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