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Team Truck Driving Career

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Are you considering team truck driving as a career? Whether you’re new to truck driving or you’re an experienced individual driver, there are many things to consider. For those who are unfamiliar, team driving is a term for when two people take turns driving and managing a shipment. This career is very popular for couples who work in the logistics industry. Here are some benefits that we see in our truck driving teams at Bancroft & Sons!

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  1. Working as a truck driving team means that you’ll be able to cover more miles. This usually means being assigned routes of longer distances, but will lead to quicker deliveries and more money!
  2. You’ll never be alone. Having someone else with you in the truck can alleviate boredom and help you drive more safely.
  3. If you’re a married couple looking to start a career in team truck driving, this mean you won’t have to go long periods of time without seeing each other! Additionally, the increased income from longer routes will help your family save for your future!

            Bancroft & Sons offers individual and team truck driving jobs and we are now hiring! Apply online here or call us at 972-790-3777!

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