Meet Daniel and Debra Gaskill- Bancroft and Sons' February Driver Spotlight.
Wednesday, 31 March 2021 02:51

Driver Spotlight - Rodney Smith

Mr. Smith started driving because he enjoyed the independence it gave him, and how it allowed him to visit new places. When asked what he enjoyed most about his job, he didn’t hesitate to say the family environment that Bancroft and Sons offers. He also expressed how wonderful it has been working with all of dispatch, especially his dispatcher Louis, Charles Bancroft III, and support staff. Some of the challenges he faced when he started driving were making accurate turns, finding the correct loading locations, and truck-friendly routes. He is much happier now hauling mail and wishes to continue to…
Monday, 08 February 2021 17:40

Driver Spotlight - Byron Wilbanks

As Mr. Wilbanks described, his trucking career started as a family affair. His father was an owner-operator and he grew up surrounded by trucking. What he enjoys the most about this job is the freedom he receives. What he doesn’t enjoy are the DOT restrictions that are set in place. Like many of our drivers, they feel that the restrictions sometimes hold them back from fulfilling their job. Although trucking has its ups and downs, Mr. Wilbanks has always been a team player and makes the best out of tough situations.
Thursday, 21 January 2021 18:47

Driver Spotlight - Mark Ballew

Mr. Ballew started his truck driving career a bit different than from our other drivers, he actually made his transition from the music industry. It was easy for him to transition from music to driving because he was used to the touring lifestyle. He may not be in the studio recording, but I guarantee you he is in his truck jamming out. Even though he enjoys the freedom he receives from trucking and being able to see new scenery every day, trucking is not always as charming as it seems. Mr. Ballew has to experience bad drivers, traffic, and winter…
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