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Tech, Tools & Accessories to Help Make Life on the Road More Comfortable

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As a trucker, you spend a large part of your life on the road. So, you should be sure to make your “home away from home” the height of comfort and security. Staying alert is also an important part of road life. Fortunately, technology is a huge help with these goals. Advancements boost safety measures, reduce hazards, and provide mobile entertainment. There are also many products designed to help with comfort. Review these top offerings to help you make road life a more comfortable, enjoyable ride.

Upgrades for the Cab Interior

You spend endless hours inside your cab. Keeping it clean and in order is important. You can also enhance comfort with better seating and sleep options. Vendors who cater to truckers offer many great products to help you with tidiness and comfort in this limited space.   

Clean Space

Studies show that minimizing clutter in your work and living spaces can reduce stress and increase your feelings of well-being. Keep your cab clutter-free with interior organizers designed for semi-trucks. You can choose from a wide array of products:

  • Cases
  • Bags
  • Holders
  • Trays
  • Pockets
  • Seat organizers
  • Sleeper cab under-drawers


Clearly, the driver’s seat is where you spend the bulk of your time. Make an investment in comfort and ergonomics. Depending upon your budget, you can outfit your current seat with extra cushioning or opt for a complete upgrade. Seat covers and cushions provide extra padding and some offer more back support. But purchasing a new suspension seat – with options like dual chamber lumbar support, heated seats, swivel, and armrests – will maximize your comfort level. More important, custom seats can help offset the health detriments of extended sitting.

Sleeper Cab

You often need to grab a few hours of rest on the road in your sleeper cab. You should maximize these rest periods. So, don’t suffer on a thin, uncomfortable mattress. Gel and memory foam options fitted for various cab sizes are available to help you get better sleep. You can also choose one with reinforced back support. And if your route includes cold weather areas, a bunk warming pad is a good idea.

Staying Safe and Secure

Keep your valuables safe with lockable toolbox chests. Mountable options are good choices, and they come in different sizes. You can also enhance driving safety with an assortment of aftermarket technology products. Side monitor and backup cameras and sensors, lane departure and blind sport warning devices, and stability control are big sellers. Some of the newest tech uses video and radar to scan for obstacles and help prevent rollovers and other accidents. Research shows that truck safety technology could save hundreds of lives.

Beating Boredom

There’s no shortage of beautiful scenery in North America. Enjoying the gorgeous sights across the U.S. is one great perk of a truck driver’s job. But even the most stunning vistas might become commonplace when you’ve viewed them for hours on end. Plus, night driving limits these views, and every route isn’t filled with tourist-worthy natural attractions. Of course, you need to stay focused on the road, other drivers, and your surroundings. For many trucking pros, that’s enough to fight boredom. And, in fact, it’s a misconception that boredom is a problem for most truckers. But when the drive does feel too tedious, you can try some mobile entertainment.

Mobile Recreation

Mobile phones are awesome for staying in touch with your friends and family while you’re away doing your job. But smartphone apps can provide entertainment while you’re driving. Naturally, you need to install a good phone mount and use hands-free options for safety and legal compliance. Then, let the tech flow for some stimulating audio options:

  • Streaming music (Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora are popular services)
  • Audio books
  • Podcasts
  • Social community apps (Waze, Trucker Path Pro, and Trucker Tools are a few helpful ones)

Pro Tip: Some professional truck drivers add talk radio to their list of entertainment options. But be wary of this choice if the topics get you riled up. Barreling down the road in an 80,000-lb loaded semi with a chip on your shoulder isn’t a great idea.

You might also want to consider exercising. It’s both healthy and stimulating. Hand stretches, shoulder shrugs, and abdominal crunches are doable from behind the wheel.

Eating Right

A common challenge for truckers is eating healthy, balanced meals. Quick, greasy fast food beckons in every town. Time is a factor too, and boredom often leads to mindless munching. Help lessen these temptations by keeping healthy snacks close by. Shop 12-volt coolers to support these dietary goals.

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