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4 Awesome Trucker Apps for 2020

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The average trucker in the United States travels 2,000-3,000 miles every single week. That's kind of like driving from New York City to Dallas, Texas — and back again. This often means long journeys with nothing but the open road and FM radio to keep you company. While we certainly don't advocate using your smartphone while driving, the apps on this list will make your next journey just that little bit smoother. 


#1. Trucker Path

Best for navigation

This app is like Google Maps for truckers, with thousands of truck stop locations in one place, so you can find a place to eat, pee, and sleep. As a result, you can plan your routes more effectively and reach destinations quicker. 


It's not just truck stop locations, either. With Trucker Path, plan ahead and find available parking spaces, weigh station information, and fuel pricing. You will also discover the quickest and most convenient routes for truckers. It's no wonder, then, that Trucker Path is the most popular app for truckers in the U.S., with almost 1 million active users. 


So, how does it work? Trucker Path describes itself as an "online trucker community," where hundreds of thousands of drivers share the latest information about truck stops. Use it to plan your next trip!


#2. KeepTruckin

Best for communicating with dispatchers

KeepTruckin is a fleet management system on your mobile device that connects you with dispatchers when you're on the road. Send your live location back to your head office and show dispatchers where you are at any given time. Not only will this improve safety, but you can prove where you are on your route if problems arise. 


KeepTruckin eliminates the need for manual logbooks because it digitizes the way you relay information back to dispatchers. This app automates almost everything, so you can focus on reaching your destination without having to stop and call dispatchers along your route. 

One of the best-rated fleet management systems on the App Store and Google Play, KeepTruckin' has been used by more than 500,000 drivers. 


#3. GasBuddy

Best for cheap gas!

Thousands of truckers use GasBuddy to search for the cheapest gas prices by city, state, or ZIP code. It's that simple. This app finds gas prices in real-time at more than 140,000 gas stations in the U.S. and Canada, so you can save a significant amount of cash. 


Other features include Trip Calculator, which works out how much it will cost you to drive from Point A to Point B by taking into account up-to-the-minute gas prices. Plus, you can save even more money on gas when you take advantage of special offers from GasBuddy's partners. You can earn credit (or "GasBack") when you purchase products from selected retailers, such as The Home Depot and Walmart.


#4. CamScanner

Best for document management

As a trucker, you will have to keep different documents with you on your travels — time logs, order sheets, insurance documents, you name it. Unfortunately, paper documents are at risk of being lost or stolen. CamScanner provides you with a solution. This app lets you take photos of your documents with your smartphone camera and keep important files in one place. 


CamScanner is a great tool if you need to send documents back to your head office when you're on a route. Once you have scanned these documents with your phone, you can edit them, print them, or send them to dispatchers via email. 


The apps on this list are available for both iOS and Android devices and will make life on the road so much easier. Use these apps on your next journey, and you could save time, money, and a lot of hassle. 

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