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The Different Kinds of Pay Scales

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You may be surprised to know that truck driving is one of the most common jobs in America today. While careers in other fields are being downsized and outsourced, more positions for truck drivers are becoming available.


What Makes Truck Driving So Great?

One reason why more and more people are considering a trucking job is due to the competitive and lucrative salary that a driver can receive. Depending on the company, you can be paid per mile or paid hourly. Both options come with several great advantages that help you get the most out of any trucking job.


Per Mile Jobs

This option tends to benefit drivers who travel long distances. Finding a truck driver salary that offers compensation based off of total miles driven is great for drivers of all skill levels.


Experienced drivers will have a better knowledge of the area and roads along their route. With this expertise, they can plan their routes accordingly to avoid city streets and slower moving traffic which can slow them down. By having a good understanding of the area, drivers can make the most out of their trips and strive to meet their mileage and salary goals.


Per Hour Jobs

Another option for truck driver salaries is per hour jobs. One reason why this type of compensation can be favored is because it is always guaranteed.


Delays can happen at any time. From weather issues to rush hour traffic and unavoidable city streets, all truck drivers have faced these common slowdowns at one point in time. Delays such as these can severely impact the mileage a driver can cover in a given amount of time. With hourly pay, a truck driver can focus on getting to their destination safely and securely.


Another reason why some drivers prefer hourly pay is because it allows drivers to stay local. Drivers who receive an hourly truck driver salary are typically local drivers who get to spend more of their downtime at home. For some, this is a great reason to consider these types of jobs.


Which Is Right For You?

Regardless of which compensation you receive from your next trucking job, rest assured that you’re in one of the most competitive industries today. As the demand for trustworthy and responsible drivers increases, the reward for exceptional workers does as well.


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