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Where Can you Eat Across America

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What's better than a good old-fashioned American truck stop? From sea to shining sea, the country is full of amazing places where truckers (and travelers of all kinds) can stop in, take a load off, have a little bit of a rest, and get refueled - with food, gasoline, or both. On a road trip cross-country or down the interstate, a truck stop is a great place to stop in for a quick bite or a fill-up and get a deep-fried slice of Americana.

So, what are the best truck stops in America that you should be on the lookout for on your travels? Here is our list of the top truck stops in the country. These are the eight best truck stops in America.

  1. Iowa 80. The largest truck stop in the world is a must-visit place for anyone trekking along Interstate 80. This enormous truck stop covers almost 90 acres and receives around 5,000 visitors a day. The site calls itself a "Trucker's Disneyland." For fast-food eaters seeking a meal, Iowa 80 offers Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Orange Julius, Wendy's, and much more. There's a sit-down Iowa 80 Kitchen with plenty of heartland staples. Iowa 80 also offers a full outlet shopping selection with plenty of road necessities. Another must-visit stop in Iowa 80? Be sure to explore the Truckers Jamboree & Museum, with an annual gathering and a full schedule of events and exhibits all year long. It's not only a truck stop - it's a destination.
  2. Trail's Travel Center. Located on the appropriately-titled "Happy Trails Lane" in Albert Lea, Minnesota, this gateway to the Upper Midwest is at the intersection of Interstates 35 and 90. Anyone who wants to get off the highway and enjoy a few games can take them in at the sports bar called the Skol Tavern. Shop for a few souvenirs or a few essentials at the Trail's Gift Store, sit down for a meal at the Iron Skillet Restaurant, or enjoy some fast-food favorites at Pizza Hut, McDonald's, or Taco Bell.
  3. Little America. Right off Interstate 80 in Little America, Wyoming, this fabled truck stop takes its name from the town and the town's famous hotel. In one of the more remote and beautiful parts of the country, Little America is an excellent stop on any road trip through Big Sky Country. The massive Little America convenience store offers all manner of snacks and drinks along with a post office and the Travel Center Grill and Deli. For anyone who may have a breakdown on their travels, Little America also features a comprehensive repair shop.
  4. North Forty Truck Stop. On Interstate 40 in Tennessee, this Southern Institution earns acclaim for its excellent restaurant option and breakfast buffet. Truckers and road trippers can pick out something from the stop's comprehensive convenience store, grab a shower, get a massage, do laundry, or just take a load off in the Stop's television room. Another highlight from North Forty? The take-home country hams offered in the convenience store. It's a tasty reminder of the North Forty awesomeness.
  5. Whiskey Pete's. Everything you would expect from a massive truck stop on the Nevada-California border you'll find at Whiskey Pete's. It's a Vegas-like diversion without the crowds of the big city. Take a stroll downtown in Primm, Nevada, for a bite to eat and to try your luck in the hotel and casino. There's a classic, old-time, old-west flair to the city, too; it's an excellent option for anyone taking a road trip through the American West. One tip? Be sure to take a look at the fabled Bonnie and Clyde "death car" in the lobby of the hotel and casino.
  6. Morris Travel Center. At the intersection of Interstate 80 and Route 47, the Morris Travel Center features one of the most famous truck stop restaurants in the country. Be sure to hop off the highway for a meal at the famous "R-Place" Restaurant, with a down-home menu of Americana favorites. For a special challenge, try the "Premium Ethyl" burger with two pounds of beef, a one-pound hamburger bun, and a pound of fixings alongside the meal. Diners only have one hour to complete the challenge. Good luck!
  7. Jubitz. One of the highlights of the Pacific Northwest, Jubitz combines the best of the traditional truck stop with an engaging entertainment venue. Off of Interstate 5 near Portland, Jubitz features musical performances and great food at the Ponderosa Lounge and Grill along with a comfortable hotel and a remodeled cinema offering $6 movie selections. It's a must-go for anyone visiting Oregon or the Pacific Northwest, by truck or car.
  8. South of the Border. No need to go down to Mexico! Instead, this Southern landmark is right between North and South Carolinas on I-95. Anyone trekking on this famous East Coast highway will notice the Border's signature sombrero-wearing mascot. Stop in to grab a meal or stroll through the small amusement park or miniature golf course. If you're not scared of snakes, stop in at the "Reptile Lagoon" showcase to check out the squirmy creatures.
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