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Wednesday, 24 June 2015 00:00

5 Benefits to Beginning a Career in Trucking

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Trucking jobs offer a unique set of opportunities and benefits to the worker that enter the field. As an industry that is timelessly essential and highly demanded, trucking companies are hiring talented CDL drivers en masse. If you’re looking for new opportunity in the field of trucking, the following are five amazing benefits that a career as a truck driver can offer you.


The Requirements

Aside from a commercial driver’s license and specialized job training, you don’t really need much else to work as a truck driver. You do not need a college degree and it is one of the few career paths where individual success is easily recognized and rewarded.


The Pay

A truck driving salary is one of the major reasons why so many workers are attracted to the field. Trucking is a highly lucrative career that can sometimes start in the realm of $40k a year for full-time trucking, and it only goes up from there! Apart from the initial pay, salary can increase to nearly double that for the most skilled and timely drivers.



Some people just want to hit the open road. Trucking jobs allow you to get around the country, meet new people and see places that you otherwise may not. Moving and traveling is something that is important to many people, and a truck driving job is perfect for people that enjoy the freedom to move around.


The Hours

Whether full time or part time, some truck drivers are able to set a schedule that meets their specific requirements. This includes local jobs where you’re home on a nightly basis, perfect for raising a young family. There are some jobs where the delivery you’re carrying will require strict times, but for a career that doesn’t follow a stale 9 to 5, truck driving is a great choice.


Job Security

Truck driving is a career that has amazing benefits, the best of which is job security. Truck driving is a career that is in high demand around the country, and an industry that has proven to grow with the times. Training for your CDL and beginning your career as a truck driver is both rewarding and stable for keeping a pay check and ensuring supportive benefits!

For more information on truck driving jobs and beginning you CDL training, contact Bancroft & Sons today!

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